Sunday, 27 June 2010

I stumbled across this website whilst admiring everything a fashion blogger was wearing. When I saw that many of her items were from 'Friis Company' I had to check it out! I was totally gutted when I went to the list of countries they ship to and the UK wasn't there! Bring it to us!!!

These are my faves


Saturday, 26 June 2010

You probably all know about it but I only came across a few weeks ago and I think it's great! I like scrolling down the homepage every few days just for something to look at really. That's all I really buy magazines such as Look look at the images to feed my love for fashion! The website is also a great opportunity to promote your blog, especially if you make it onto the homepage from the website's voting system, or 'hype' as they call it. And it's a great way to discover new fashion blogs to follow. I particularly like these users:


The fight to get fit!

Now I work for a fitness company (we hold the main licenses for Reebok, adidas etc fitness equipment) along with going out with a professional athlete I can't avoid the subject of exercise. I guess with exercise being all around me and the fact that I'm not at all fit or happy with my non-toned, lethargic self, I decided I needed to a plan of action. I started off with eating healthily for 3 weeks... no complex carbs for my evening meal etc. I did really well but gave in and binged on icecream, cake and white bread rolls last weekend at a BBQ! The odd treat here and there is obviously allowed though but once I got a taste for bad food again there was no stopping me for a couple of days! I am now back on track, but eating healthily isn't enough. A friend from work and I decided to go for a jog every Wednesday night, and go to the gym every Friday night. It's perfect as we work 5 mins away from the huge centre parc style woods by my home, and we get free gym membership with work at DW gym which is also very near by. Plus we finish at 4.30 on Fridays so its not too busy, and Hannan is very fit and pushes me to my max so she's a great training partner.

My boyfriend who is Great Britain's no.1 long jumper is a great influence but he goes through different phases with food... sometimes he'll be very strict, usually around the time of competitions (May-Sept) but at other times he will eat healthy meals but binge on junk snacks such as icecream, cake, etc! (He can though as he works out 4 hours 6 days a week - I do nothing!) At the moment though he is on a strict no carb high protein diet in preparation for the European Games at the end of July so it is easy for me to eat healthily as we live together so I eat what he eats! A friend of ours has just moved in with us and he does amateur athletics so he is also a great influence. This week I have been for jogs with the both of them while we walk our dogs. Together they started to teach me how to run, which to some might sound plain and simple but actually there is so much to running properly. I'm trying to learn how to run most efficiently so that I can jog for longer. At the moment things are going pretty well, but I think it has something to do with all the good weather we've been having. Sunshine puts me in a good mood therefore makes me feel motivated, and it is also obviously so much more enjoyable being out jogging in the sunshine than the cold and rain! I'm not at all someone that enjoys exercise, I find it a great struggle but I'm forcing myselfSo time will tell... hopefully I will blog shortly about my continued success and not about giving into the easy life!

Check out it's a great fitness website that is cross between a social networking website and foursquare. It is doing extraordinarily well and is about to collaborate with us, Reebok.