Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Sale shopping haul!

So I've gone a bit crazy in the sales, but I love all of my purchases! I returned a couple of them because I bought them online with free delivery so though I'd try a few at home.
The sales really are great this mid summer, you can get a lot with your money!

Top - Primark £8 (full price)     
Bag - Zara £39.99 (sale)
Jeans - Zara £14.99 (Sale) I returned these as I didn't feel I'd wear them that much, and bought a pleated midi skirt in the same colour instead! 
Top - River Island £4 (Sale) Returned this as not as nice as it seemed online. 
Bag - River Island £15 (Sale)
Dress - romwe.com £22 (full price) If you haven't checked this website out before you must have a browse! See my previous blog post for more info.
Bag - Primark £9 (Full Price)
Sandals - River Island £10 (Sale)
Sandals - River Island £15 (Sale)
Sandals - River Island £15 (Sale) I returned these as I didn't really need them and they are so uncomfortable!
Chain bracelet - Primark £2 (Full price)
Dress - Zara £20 (Sale)    Skirt - New Look £9 (Sale)
Pink crochet top - New Look £5 (Sale)      Floral top - New Look £6 (Sale)
Jumper - New Look £9 (Sale)
Sandals - Zara £15 (Sale)
YSL Lipstick - John Lewis £23 (Full Price) Peachy colour

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